Sweden's 1st 3D Printshop

Welcome to Stockholm's hub for digital fabrication

Our vision is to put 3D printing into the hands of everyone. We provide on-demand services, education, inspiration and support to those who are interested in exploring the future of digital fabrication.

Minimum order of 1

We believe in mass customization, that new technology gives us the liberty to make small batches and tailor every produced item to a specific purpose or client. Do you want to create the perfect gift for a partner or client? Do you want to "try out how that thing looks in your hand"? Forget being forced to produce thousands of items when you're not sure you need them. Our minimum order is one!

What's offered:


3D Printing
Laser cutting and engraving
CNC Milling
3D Scanning
Design & Modeling services


Inspiration and team building
Business development
Education and training